Hi! Welcome to DespicableFood.com

We’re working on the site LIVE right now. We haven’t OFFICIALLY launched the website and all of its features, but we are actively working with people. So what is it that we do?


It seems that all aspects of western society has become polluted with chemicals, toxic metals, and other toxins. In the name of convenience, we’ve forgotten how to cook from scratch and how to rely on ourselves, and unfortunately, we have turned to big business, who prioritize profit, to feed and take care of us. Because of this, our health has been majorly affected. From the time we are in the womb, our immune systems are under the stress of toxic load.

I have a gene mutation that puts me in a unique situation. My body doesn’t detox toxins. Toxic metals specifically. Because of this, I had to learn by trial and error, and with careful research, what foods and products are toxic and which are NOT. Wow. This took a LOT of effort and I almost lost my life on many occasions. But I’m still here, at 36, and I am offering my knowledge to you, for free. My curse is a hidden blessing that I look forward to sharing with you.


We understand that those who are unhealthy and dealing with disease and disorders are not often able to afford the kind of help they’re in need of. In this case, we feel you need to put your resources into getting yourself back on your feet and thriving. Doctor’s don’t offer what we can do, and we’re not Doctor’s. Well, that’s not entirely true. Juliene is in training to be a practitioner. But this service specifically plays a supportive role to your General Doctor, Specialists, Herbalists, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, etc. We work WITH these people.

And because of the current status of America’s health, the medical system, and also considering the fact that there are a ton of scam products and services out there, we’re just going to offer our food and lifestyle coaching at NO CHARGE, operating on donation only. I will post a link to donate over the next couple weeks. But it is not required.


Besides coaching, we also create educational videos, review products, and write articles for our blog right here on this site.


So many of you have been very supportive of what I am trying to accomplish. From offering your time to simply encouraging us with support on social media. I am so grateful for all of that. I am looking forward to working with you.

I have taken longer than expected. I wanted to make sure I was really prepared for this. It’s a big move to offer my time like this. And here I am, FINALLY! And it was you that motivated me.


We’ll have our contact form and phone system setup soon. Until then, we’ll be available on social media. Juliene and I are both active on Facebook. Connect with us there. Also visit our YouTube channel for some videos we think you will enjoy.



I look forward to getting to know all of you and wish you the very best.


Adam Spade
Food + Lifestyle Coach (and friend)