Our dog eats better than you. I’m dead serious. It’s so simple, time efficient, and cost effective. But he didn’t eat this way until recently, and that is my fault. I fed him a mid-grade dog food his whole life. He seemed fine until he got up near his teens

My dog was getting very SICK, and though he was getting old, it wasn’t from old age like we so frequently assume. It was from his DIET.

Here’s a list of the issues he had…

  • Dementia
  • Cloudy eyes
  • Overweight
  • Hip problems
  • Joint pain / arthritis
  • Lumps developing all over his body
  • Dragon breath
  • Dandruff
  • Shedding more
  • Lack of energy (he didn’t want to walk or go outside)

I turned all of this around within a few weeks. I’m not exaggerating or trying to sell you a product here. It simply worked.

After changing his diet to a real food / NO TOXIN diet, all of these symptoms had improved drastically and quickly. After a couple months, most of them were barely noticeable. You should notice the difference quite plainly in this before and after image.

Dog Diet Before and After picture.

This is a before and after shot of our dog, Pawley. Feel free to share this.

Let’s get right to the point. Even if you pay premium price and feed your dog the highest grade, USDA Certified Organic dog food, it’s probably still loaded with preservatives because the USDA approves things like Aluminum and heavy metals as organic, even those this junk is toxic waste from industry. They even hide it within other ingredients. It’s a complete fail.

These toxins are POISON and accumulate in the body. You don’t want this accumulating in your pet.

Besides that ridiculousness, “dog food” isn’t living food. Manufacturers throw a bunch of scraps together. These scraps are processed and preserved. There isn’t much nutritional value left, so they dump synthetic vitamins and minerals in it. The nutrients are typically synthetic.

We end up with two huge problems…


In all of our pets… as well as all of us.

So how do we solve that? Simple. Give them real food that is high in nutrients, and low in toxins.

How do we know what to give them? Well, first of all, what do they put in dog food? Use that but buy the real thing from the grocery. These are things like rice, potatoes, salmon, and chicken.

Animals have been provided food in nature. Wild dogs, and think STRAY DOGS here, not wolves, these wild dogs tend to stick around crowded areas and dig for scraps from us, humans, and they chase smaller animals. So, let’s use that model for inspiration.

In the video below, I make a bowl of food for my dog on a whim. This is just an example, but I base my dogs diet on dog food and then throw in a few things to help him in areas where he is struggling, like dementia. I give him Coconut oil for brain inflammation, and Diatomaceous Earth (which is rich in silica) to theoretically remove aluminum and other toxins.

I can stand in front of you today and say that this simple diet change, reversed my dogs illness. I currently get nothing from you for sharing this but the simple satisfaction of knowing I helped educate you, and that you can now go effectively take care of your pup, with organic potatoes. Enjoy the video.

That was one day, one bowl of food. But THAT is what I fed my dog to reverse his illness. Later I introduced other products. Just like humans, animals aren’t all going to benefit from the same diet. You will have to figure out what works best for yours, but whatever it is, fit it into a NO TOXIN + HIGH NUTRIENT diet.

My dogs diet is always changing, but here’s a list of ingredients that I routinely give to my dog. I have researched what products have the least amounts of heavy metals, so I’d suggest sticking to organic potatoes, organic sweet potatoes, and Lundberg Organic Rice, as a base, until you learn other products. Try to mix and match. The sweet potatoes are especially great for their coats. But this is pretty much all you need.


(Use these in every meal but mix and match)
Organic Potato
Organic Sweet Potato
Organic Squash
Lundberg Organic Rice and Quinoa.

(ALWAYS from a local organic farm)
Organic Eggs
Chicken (our scraps)
Grass Fed Organic Beef (our scraps)

(Use as often as reasonable)
Organic Coconut Oil (We like Nutiva)
Clean Chlorella
Hawaiian Spirulina
Hemp Seed Oil
Grass Fed Beef Collagen

(Always organic if you can find it)
Mild fruits like banana and berries
Raw unsalted nuts like walnuts, almonds
Ground Hemp Seed.
Vegetable scraps: Broccoli, Zucchini, Mushroom

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is good for parasites and may even detox aluminum. We have used it to rid dogs of worms. It has a ton of other great benefits too. Just add a spoonful.

Don’t do the DE without researching or contacting us. You can kill your pet (or anybody) with too much DE, if they happen to have parasites. DE kills parasites VERY QUICKLY! This releases toxins in the body. I’ll try to post a video soon on how to use DE safely. Ask me if you are having a problem with this. I will respond.


All processed foods!
Medications, especially antibiotic!

Thanks for reading. I hope this has been helpful. I will update this post periodically. If you have questions, let me know!