YES! This is one of those recipes that takes you by surprise. My wife, Juliene, who was a brilliant and complete natural in the kitchen, she figured out that if you mash up and salt avocado, it would be quite similar to a cheese, but to my surprise, taste better.

It doesn’t come with the grease, constipation, or toxins, assuming you use an unrefined natural salt, and it energizes you rather than slowing you down. It’s fun and easy to make too! A great invention to create and share with the kids.

The bottom line is that this is a delicious and very healthy pizza, where, typically, pizza in America is terribly toxic and unhealthy.

Here’s the recipe in steps.

Using a Coconut Wrap eliminates the need for bread, which is toxic and disrupts the balance of the gut. This will eat like a thin crust pizza, which is great because the avocado can be a little bit thicker than cheese. The combo just works well but we noticed that we preferred two wraps vs one. And the toaster oven is always the best way to go for pizza, of course.

We have received excellent feedback from this dish. It is common for those that don’t even like avocado to devour Juliene’s Avocado No Cheese Pizza. Her father in-law is a perfect example. He is a picky eater and won’t touch avocado… unless it’s one of Juliene’s recipes. The problem isn’t the avocado, it’s knowing how to create with it.

Do be aware that avocado can be a difficult one to find a good supplier for. A good avocado will be a beautiful bright green inside, will be smooth as peanut butter when ripe, and have a very refreshing taste. Shop around.

Anyways, give this a shot! Let me know how much you enjoy it. I’m eager to hear from you.
And I hope you enjoy the video as well. Cheers!


Before I finally made the switch to a No Toxin diet and lifestyle, I LOVED eating pizza. Pizza was one of the few foods that I didn’t want to let go at first. I would sometimes tease my wife. I would sigh through the words “Oh pizza.” just to let her know it had crossed my mind.

Well, Juliene was a total foodie. I mean, this girl was obsessed with food and spent near all of her free time either in the kitchen, or consuming food that she made. She wasn’t going to let my life be without pizza and so she came up with something that I think you and your kids are going to love. I certainly did. 🙂

My dear wife, I love and miss our pizza nights together, and eagerly look forward to the next, but in the presence of The Lord.

Forever Yours,