Being healthy in the modern day is overwhelming. Our foods and environment are heavily polluted. Avoiding these toxic dangers takes knowledge, time, and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight, but much of the exposure to these toxins can be eliminated.

We can guide you through that process.

I have a specific gene mutation which makes me susceptible to toxins, especially metals such as Aluminum. Out of necessity, I have had to eliminate these things from my diet through trial and error. It took years, and I nearly lost my life on several occasions.

I didn’t have the help of the internet or even a Doctor. Now that the world of genetics is advancing, we have a better understanding of these conditions, but most of it is theory yet. I am one of few who have lived it and while being aware of it. Some call me the “Human Heavy Metal Detector” or the “King of Clean”. I am just thankful to be alive and have purpose. I can teach YOU how to live a clean lifestyle, how to survive and thrive in a toxic environment.

The goal of Despicable Food Coaching is to educate and assist you by facilitating a lifestyle change. I’m here to encourage and to guide you. We will set realistic goals together and I will help you achieve them.

You will have 1-on-1 coaching with me, a specialist in clean living, with responsive email support for when you are confronted with tough decisions. You will have access to my direct phone line.

Perhaps the biggest shocker is that I won’t charge you. All my knowledge, which would take you years to attain, will be at your fingertips, and won’t cost you a dime.

Why would I do that for free? I want to help you. That’s it. There is no catch.

I will ask that when you are able to, please support my Patreon. If you aren’t ever in the position to support me, that’s okay too! I’m still grateful for the opportunity to help you. But please also consider supporting me through my web store. And please watch my videos! Share them! That costs you nothing and helps spread awareness.

Ready to get started?

Reach out to me here.

Adam Spade